Schreier History


company foundation

Mechanical engineer Johann Schreier and his wife Anna Schreier open a mechanical workshop in Kreuzstreet in Ludwigshafen am Rhein: sale and repair of bicycles, motorcycles, sewing machines and gramophones. The first Logo Schreier problem solution was quickly developed – the three-wheel delivery van with pedal drive, e.g. for the bakers in Ludwigshafen.

Already in 1933 the workshop had to be expanded. In doing so, the move to the Hagellochstreet, former Blumenstreet, takes place. Meanwhile the company already employs 5 people.


workshop enlargement


production changeover

In 1939 the prevailing circumstances of the time determined the production. The small company workshop had to produce cartridge bottoms and wooden carburetors.

1945 - 1947

war consequences and reopening

In 1945 the still small company was completely destroyed by air raids. In the same year, both the complete reconstruction from the ruins of the war and a reorientation of the company followed. Two years later the store and the repair store were reopened.

1966 - 1968

entrance and restructuring

In 1966 the son, Hans Schreier, joins his parents’ business. Two years later – in 1968 – he took over his father’s business.

1971 - 1978

patent registration

Only three years later, after joining the company, Hans Schreier enters the company history by applying for a patent for the design of a vibration dosing machine. The success is predestined. The company has to be extended by the construction of a new production hall. In 1978 the growing company presents its products for the first time at the Hanover fair.



In 1981 the name Logo Schreier gained worldwide reputation with innovative technical solutions. Machines and equipment are exported all over the world. Logo Schreier is represented at important trade fairs and exhibitions, such as ACHEMA or POWTECH. Furthermore the EDP is introduced and the sales network is systematically expanded by agencies.


relocation and expansion

In 1989, the continuous expansion of production required the construction of a new modern plant in Industriestreet in Ludwigshafen am Rhein. The company now employs more than 30 people.



In 1998 the daughter Stephanie Schreier joined the parental company. She had previously studied apparatus engineering and industrial engineering and was able to successfully gain several years of professional experience in a large chemical company in the Rhineland.

The expansion of the office complex was the beginning of far-reaching changes in 1999. Hans Schreier celebrates his 65th birthday and moves from the management to the advisory board of the company. At the same time Stephanie Schreier, responsible for technology and later also for commercial matters, becomes the new managing director. Company looks back on a long history and celebrates its 75th anniversary.


anniversary and enlargement

2000 - today

economic growth and modernization

Since the turn of the millennium, the company has been able to establish itself in a competitive market thanks to an excellent workforce. The development, design and production of new apparatus and machines, which are regularly presented at major trade fairs, open up a worldwide, cross-sector market for the company. With the construction of a new warehouse in 2017, the purchase of a welding robot in 2019 and the modernization of the production hall through the installation of a photovoltaic system in 2020, the company is well prepared for the future.

Logo Firma Schreier Maschinen- und Apparatebau GmbH

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