Lump breaker

Our Logo Schreier lump breakers are very robust welded constructions for crushing soft to medium-hard agglomerates in bulk materials. The supplied bulk material is crushed on the grate by the rotating crushing tools and discharged downwards in the further course of the combing process. The staggered arrangement of the crushing tools ensures a uniform operation at the highest possible throughput rate.

Depending on agglomerate size and hardness, desired crushing size, structural conditions as well as upstream and downstream processes, the crushers can be manufactured in different geometries and designs. The crusher tools are individually mounted on the shaft by means of a wedge and can be easily exchanged.

The shaft is supported on both sides, sealed with shaft sealing rings, mechanical seals or stuffing box packing. If required, the bearing is provided with holes for temperature sensor and/or sealing air connection. The drive is by means of a gear motor and slip clutch in case of direct arrangement. If the drive is arranged laterally, power transmission is by means of chain or toothed belt.

The Logo Schreier lump breaker is available in all common materials, with round and square housing, in pressure shock resistant design up to 10 bar, in single shaft and multi shaft design, with overload clutch and for use in higher temperature ranges. The gap width of the grate below the crushing tools is adapted to the respective task.

The Logo Schreier lump breaker is used, for example, in power plants for crushing gypsum, slag, combustion residues, etc., in the chemical, food, feed, pharmaceutical and building material industries, as well as for crushing agglomerates that have been created by storage, transport, drying, etc. Installation in horizontal conveying lines with liquid transport media is also possible.

Further equipment options

  • different designs (round/angular)
  • different designs (single and multiwave)
  • Rotation monitoring
  • Bearing temperature monitoring
  • Assembly/disassembly of the crusher for cleaning or knife change
  • Friction Clutch
  • Flow monitoring of the bearing purge air
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