C-grid cable tray

Always a good connection - The ideal installation technology for cables of all types

The C-grid cable tray is a cable support system made of 4.5 mm thick steel wires welded together. The profile is reminiscent of the capital letter C – hence the name C-grid cable tray. C-grid cable trays are used in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, in agriculture, building services engineering, power plant construction and many other areas. Due to coordinated fastening and connecting elements, the mesh cable tray system becomes an economical alternative to conventional cable tray systems.

C-mesh cable trays are characterized by high stability, high flexibility as well as easy and quick installation possibilities – especially for conversions and retrofits. C-grid cable trays can also be used as a cable routing and support system for electrical and control cables, air ducts, lamps or switching, measuring and control devices. The robust C-mesh cable trays can be connected to each other in any length horizontally, vertically and at angles. Also the mounting and fastening leaves nothing to be desired, since the mesh cable trays can be fixed to walls, ceilings, floors, but also to steel beams or steel constructions or suspended from ceilings.

For us, quality also means that after the galvanizing process of the mesh cable trays, all “zinc noses” are removed manually. This minimizes the risk of injury to persons and damage to cables and hoses.

The open design is an advantage, as the C-grid tray can be easily covered with cables on every level. Changes and extensions are also very easy and quick to carry out, because the cable material is only inserted. Likewise, in contrast to the protective pipe installation, there is no need to cut or burn out pipes.

C-mesh channels are available in different widths. The side height of 50 mm is identical for all versions, so that the matching mounting and fastening elements can be used universally. The C-grid cable trays as a cost-effective complete installation system for all types of cables are an optimal alternative to the usual protective conduit installation and to conventional cable support systems.

The C-mesh cable trays and most of the fastening and connecting parts are available both in hot-dip galvanized design according to DIN EN ISO 1461 and in stainless steel (304, A2) WST 1.4301. Electrostatic powder coating is possible as an alternative surface finish on order and upon acceptance of corresponding quantities.


  • high stability, flexibility
  • quick and easy installation, also due to partially pre-assembled connecting elements
  • additional C-grid channels can be easily installed at any time, even retrospectively
  • unlimited geometrical variety in the installation of the C-grid tray
  • good ventilation of the cable harnesses, because of the open carrier system
  • simultaneous use of the C-grid cable trays as cable routing and carrier system for lamps or switching, measuring and control devices is possible
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